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We found treasure at David’s Tent

We are so excited in response to our urgent appeal we have now raised the £1600.00 needed to drill the extra 100 metres!!! God is so amazing that we raised exactly £1600….. He knows our immediate needs. We have let them know in Kenya that the drillers can be called back in……. life giving water is so near! Over the weekend at David’s Tent the PottersHeart stand was brilliant, we had hundreds of encouraging, enlightening, passionate conversations, and we made a load of beautiful new friends. Lots of people took away a photo of the proposed Youth/Adult Training/Community Centre and pledged to pray over the plans……. we know that what God orders He resources. It seems like yesterday when I woke u

Fun at David’s Tent

The stand looked good, the weather was brilliant and we had hundreds of visitors to see us. We gave at least 200 people a felt PottersHeart made by the lovely ladies of the Nettleham PottersHeart…. big thank you to them. Also huge thank you to all who have made the decision to continue this journey with us. Together and in Him nothing is impossible! Here’s to POTENTIAL RELEASED x

Here at PottersHeart we are struggling…..just being honest!

We were so thankful to have at last raised enough money to drill a borehole, have the necessary electrics done, buy a pump, build a little block house to contain the electrics, and give the person who will look after the distribution of water a home to live in. We were thankful on so many counts, but most importantly because this community is desperate for water, never mind CLEAN water! When the annual droughts come they starve….. simple as that. It is currently miles to walk for water, then it is limited to how much is available, how much you can carry and how much you can afford to buy. The water is collected and carried by the Mums, and for most of them it means carrying a baby as well. I

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