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Over whelming poverty

I’ve been pondering on our work last week in the village of Kamng’ei. We knew life was tough there, and sadly we are used to seeing poverty but this is on another level. When we arrived the students eyes were hopeless, worn down and worn out. Many haven’t even got any land, they have to walk over 2 kilometres to get water. Each family needs at least 8 x 20 litre Jerry cans a day, that’s 40 Kenyan Shillings which not everyone has. There are many children, and a lot are malnourished, and some have kwashiorkor (wet malnutrition). One little one was so malnourished she didn’t have the strength to cry….. it’s heart breaking. We had a lovely young man called Robert in the training, he has glauco

When time means nothing

Yesterday I chatted with the most amazing CuCu (Grandmother). She is clearly a very old lady but doesn’t know how old she is, when asked she thinks she is somewhere between 80 and 100 years! She has worked on her Shamba (small holding) all her life, and still does. She had walked to the training, when asked how far that was she said “a walk”. I asked her how long it took, she told me time was unnecessary, if you need to get somewhere you just walk until you arrive! We loved it that the class all really respected her. What this lady says goes, and her message is love and peace between the tribes, she was so thankful for our teaching on forgiveness.

Smashing through barriers!

Wow today has been amazing. We were welcome by the sight of our ‘made with love’ colourful bunting from Beaminster and Lincoln. Also beautiful balloons donated by PottersHeart Birmingham…. all looking so lovely in the church. We’ve covered hard topics today…. starting with a Community Liebust. What a joy to see so many lies ousted and to see the students chase hypocrisy, failure to thrive, unbelief, tribalism, addiction and idolatry out of the community. We then taught on relationships covering wife beating, rape in marriage and so much more. The day ended with separate sessions for the men and women. We left with them asking for more on this tomorrow…… there is never enough time!!!

We love the people in Dgara

Blown away with the welcome and the feedback from their last action plan. These guys are transforming this place, fighting has been replaced with love and forgiveness.

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