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Ending the week in Olrongai....with FOOTBALL!!!

Hard working women....whatever their age Oh boy do the women have to be strong! They are the ones who work in the fields, bare the children, usually at least six.....look after the children...even in the fields, collect the water (which takes hours!).....find fire wood, clean and cook.... The men are busy looking after the one cow......or sometimes they don't have a cow!! If you ask a man what does he do he will tell you "I think". It sounds like we don't rate the men here....but actually we love these guys and they want to learn a different way. It was so good to have the young men at the teaching, and one of them volunteered for the CHC team. They are the future of Olrongai, some of them h

Holy Spirit breaks in...on a Tuesday!!

Tuesday....What a day! One of the young men on the training, formerly a Muslim, suddenly got revelation as he listened to the teaching!! He asked to pray and invited Jesus into his life.... he was beaming from ear to ear as we prayed with him. Training for where there are NO doctors... We were teaching on stress management today when the Holy Spirit broke in. As a result many students were freed from the heavy burden of unforgiveness. We were so moved....such beautiful people. We are beginning to see the formation of a new Voluntary Community Health Care team, still a lot to learn, but we had such fun today when they did a song and a drama showing us how they will pass on their knowledge to

No water for 4 months....its a REALLY tough life in Olrongai!!

Sunday was another busy day, church in Miti Mingi, then lunch in the village at Paul and Martha's beautiful new house. Then we had a surprise visit from the Voluntary Community Health Care (CHC) Team I started whilst working for Links International, many years ago. It was so great to catch up with them. Grace was able to share how she has had so much promotion in Social Services thanks to the training and certificates. The number of lives this group of people have saved can't be counted, but there are many! We love them. They encouraged and inspired us so much as we start to build a CHC team in Olrongai. Teaching in Olrongai Today (Monday) we have been teaching in Olrongai.....the welcome we

Building Gathima School...one mud classroom at a time...

Gathima School Today we were really excited to be making the hot, dusty journey to visit Gathima School. This was the 2nd visit for Janet and I. Situated on a dusty hillside....it's basically a collection of mud hut classrooms.... with stunning views out to Lake Nakuru in the distance. Gathima School has a special place in our hearts. On a previous visit we were inspired by Pastor Paul and his wife Lucy, who were so committed to their childrens' education that they decided to build their own school! Because of this their 3 boys....and the other children in the village....can now get an education. The school is being built by adding one mud classroom a year, and this trip we had the great pri

PottersHeart teaching impacting lives!

Miti Mingi Football teaching completed We've had exciting news on the football team....especially as the conversations weren't all about football!. There was 100% attendance at every session....and all of the young men received a PottersHeart certificate. John and Darren did a brilliant job connecting with them. They talked about everything from relationships to Business Development..... to dreams and aspirations. They also had a training session for two hours on the bumpy, dusty pitch. Darren ran his legs off! The team so appreciated the footballs which we were able to leave them. And the CleanSlate kit from last time still looks good! This is the beginning of making a difference in the liv

So different from the UK....

Another busy day in the Rift Valley. Today we heard a heartbreaking story from Kenneth. He looks after a Mum and a sister who are both unwell. His sister has mental health problems, and a heart defect. Last time we were here PottersHeart were able to help Kenneth to pay for his sister to go to a mental health centre. She was given medication and thankfully is feeling much better. He was so appreciative of what we'd done....it has quite literally given her a life back again. However, when I asked about her heart he showed me a prescription given to her by the hospital; blood pressure tablets, heart regulators, blood thinners and a diuretic. Drugs we take for granted in the UK. The prescriptio

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