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PottersHeart in the Rift Valley Villages, Kenya

All of the money raised through PottersHeart, is used to support villages in Kenya's Rift Valley.
We are currently working into ten villages, all lying within a twenty mile
radius of Nakuru, and into many villages around Bungoma, Bungoma County is is bordered by Uganda in the West.
The populations we are working with live in very difficult rural conditions:
Many households have no access to sanitation facilities... 
MOST households have no access to water, never mind clean water.
 So....diseases spread quickly....and staying healthy is a daily battle
The villages have poor or no health facilities, few resources, a lack of education, no running water, drought....... and no jobs......
And this is where we work......
These people could be forgiven for having sunk into hopelessness and
despair. In 2015 when we first arrived this was exactly what we found.
And yet with a little teaching, a lot of love and encouragement, the transformation possible is truly amazing...... it is beautiful to see.
PottersHeart take small teams into the villages to teach and train, twice a year. Between visits the villagers are supported by our partners in Kenya, Nicholas Onyango and Jonah Tito....without them our work would not be possible.
Teaching is always led by need, whether real or perceived.
So far we have been able to help in healthcare, hygiene, nutrition, practical skills, parenting, marriage, business, Christian studies and so much more.
  • We never teach led by western perception and assumption.
  • We never presume we have the solutions.
  • Instead we teach in the help dispel the myths, to bring revelation about how they can help themselves....
  • We treat them as friends, precious people with huge untapped potential.....not our latest pet project......
When we go into a new village our committment is to stick with them until they are teaching others! It doesn't matter how many trips it takes, but the norm is about five visits per village. During the five visits we invest into a group of influencers, between 10-20 people. These people form a Voluntary Community Teaching Team. The aim of these teams is to cascade the teaching they have learned into the far reaches of the village. Often one or two of the students are from other villages so that means the word spreads further!
The Teams love to feed back the village progress to us, and we often get the chance to go and see for ourselves some of the amazing transformations. Last time we went we were thrilled to see that one village, formerly marked by its untidy, unloved appearance, has completely cleaned up its act. No more piles of rubbish everywhere, this of course means less problems with vermin, less mosquitos, less disease, less apathy and more hope.
Its a privilege to do this teaching, we love it, why don't you contact us and give it a go. x

Brothers Paul Titus and Jonah Tito, without whom our work would be impossible.

They were born and brought up in one of the villages described here, Miti Mingi.

Their father was a village Pastor and he brought them up to love God and people, and they do! They work tirelessly to raise these communities out of poverty, their work is sacrificial...... we respect and love them.

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