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Bringing Hope, Transforming Lives....One Village at a Time

Why we do what we do........

I’ve been working in Africa, with various aid organisations for 20 years. When I retired 9 years ago, I really thought that that would be the end of it…but the Lord had other plans! He has given John and I a real heart for Kenya, and specifically the Nakuru District in the Rift Valley.


After 20 years I have no fluffy, cuddly, rose tinted perspectives left of what life is like for these people, and what needs to be done there. Over the years my eyes have really been opened to what works, and what quite simply never will.


But also to the fact that we as white Europeans have a significant responsibility to put right the damage that our ancestors did to these people. To the extent that John and I often find ourselves apologising for the ‘sins of the past’ - and it’s not always what people think.


From what I’ve seen there are 2 main groups that inflicted damage on these people from the 1800’s - 

  • the colonialists who systematically pillaged the land of its resources

  • the church who with great hearts are in some measure responsible for so many of the areas of poor teaching which have held the people back


And more recently the last 60 years of food aid has left the people dependant on the next handout; malnourished, hopeless, dying from preventable diseases and without the knowledge to improve their circumstances.


Everything we share comes has that back drop. It’s very raw at times. But it’s the reality of our work in Kenya.

If what we believe strikes a chord with you too, we welcome you to join us on this mission: To bless the people of Kenya as we believe our Heavenly Father always intended to.


Linden & John

Founders of PottersHeart

I was feeling hopeless, but during the PottersHeart training my life turned around.  Now I am physically, spiritually and emotionally healed.  I am praising God for my blessings.    

Peter, 32, Olrongai, Kenya

We'd love to keep in contact with you and update with our fundraising efforts, our testimonies and prayer requests.


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Please keep PottersHeart and the team in your prayers.



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