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Lack of education scandal

Great to travel to Miti Mingi this morning and the sun was shining, although the early morning was very chilly. Every day has been torrential downpours, and we have had to pray that we could reach the teaching place in the villages. Another reason why it will be so good to get the Training Centre started. Once even part of it is built we will start doing the training there, then students can come into the centre and stay for a few days. Our dream is to have it fully fitted out with IT equipment so that we can teach the students all year round from UK, or anywhere in the world. These young people and adults so deserve the chance to have education that will equip them for a career and life in

Joy in Kianjoya

We love to be in Kianjoya, with one of our adopted sons Pastor Tall Paul. Had a great time preaching on Upendo Metameta (Love Sparkles). Then mobbed by the teenagers, such a beautiful time chatting with them all…… our team were very happy We’ve been teaching there for three days. Taboos have been well aired and thankfully some broken. Full and frank discussions on marriage, FGM, mental health, addictions, women’s health, cancers, sexual health etc. These folk are like sponges and soak up the teaching. Tomorrow is our last day. 😔 Linden x

Tribal forgiveness and reconciliation

We are a very happy team. Amazing things have happened in Ndgara, more than we dreamt of. This We are a very happy team. Amazing things have happened in Ndgara, more than we dreamt of. This community has been full of violence and fear for some years. The government resettled a group from a far away place, these people came from an area of tribal fighting and killing. They arrived with nothing, the local tribe didn’t want them there, and so it started again. Every time the new people started to gather anything to call their own, a chicken, a goat or a cow, the locals came and stole them. They used weapons, causing more fear and hurt. There seemed to be no solution.Last time we were there we a

We cried tears of joy

Our first day of teaching was pure gold……… We arrived at Ndgara, down miles of soggy wet muddy track. This is hard terrain, the land of no work, no economy and no clean water. Life is tough here. We taught here for the first time on our last trip, teaching as they requested on family planning, nutrition and hygiene. We didn’t know what to expect, had anything changed we pondered. Father had given me a word for them based on Mathew 16v19. He was handing them all keys with which to unlock solutions to their issues. I shared this with them and then asked for feedback on last time’s teaching……… we were blown away by the response. First Alice stood up, she had not stopped teaching, everywhere s

God given blueprint!

Do you ever look back just to see how far forward you have come, how much has been achieved! Our journey in Kenya started about seven years ago, when I was working for the charity Links International. In the seven years infant mortality has dropped significantly, and the adults are living longer. The latest WHO data published in 2018 shows male life expectancy to be 66.7 and female life expectancy is 68.9. Which is pretty good when you consider that not even a decade ago life expectancy was about 50 years. This data makes me happy but not complacent its still not good enough…….. and then we go into a new village, somewhere right off the beaten track and there we are back seven years and furt

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