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Online learning is the way forward.

Sam and Faith exploring the laptop.

These are Pastor Jonah’s two youngest children Sam and Faith. They, along with the rest of the family are currently in lockdown. The numbers of covid patients are still rising, but the number of people in dire need of food and money is also still rising. Add to that the devastating floods in the area, it is difficult to hold on to hope for the future.

One thing we do know is that children, young people and adults all need to be IT literate in this day and age. Jonah’s eldest daughter Rebecca is determined to become a teacher, she has worked so hard to get the exams she needs to achieve this dream. Then lockdown came along. Maybe I feel so bad for her because I identify with my granddaughter Lottie, she worked really hard for A Levels, and felt adrift when it was all snatched away. Rebecca was stuck, no school, no wifi, no laptop, just disappointment and frustration. Thankfully PottersHeart was able to send enough funds to have Wifi connected, and to buy a refurbished laptop. I do think one laptop between six children, Mum and Dad, will need very careful managing! Maybe we need to fund some more!

It has always been my vision to be able to offer online teaching and training out in these rural villages. However we have had to wait for technology to be available to do that, so this is a really exciting step forward. Pastor Jonah has downloaded Zoom, and once the Wifi is installed we are ready to make a start.

We will eventually be offering all the topics we teach when we are there, and so much more. Watch out everyone we will be looking for people to bring some specialist topics.

I am also a qualified and experienced Liebuster, a fast, simple, powerful yet gentle freedom prayer model that facilitates the power of God to set you free to live out your purpose. If you would like further information on this ministry go to Although I am privileged to facilitate this freedom prayer with people from all over the world, we have seen incredible results in the Kenyan villages. Particularly striking in Dgara where fighting and killing between tribes has ceased. I am so excited that we will be able to offer this to Kenya via Zoom.

Thank you so much to all those who have helped us send out money to buy maize and beans……. we couldn’t do any of this without you.

We are praying you are all keeping well and safe.


Linden & The PottersHeart Team x

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