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Building bricks bring homes and hope

We are so thankful that at last the building work is about to begin. Soon these rough hewn stones will build a little house, the first building on this land! This little house will be a very important place, it will contain the pump and electrics needed to work the borehole………….the last piece in the jigsaw to bring the life giving water to the surface and to the local community. It will also provide a home and shelter for the person who will be paid to look after the water and its distribution. Win, win situation. I can’t wait to see the relief in the faces of the families who will at long last have water near their homes, just imagine the relief to the Mum who has had to walk for miles to f

Season of Change

Its been so long since I wrote my last blog I’ve nearly forgotten how to do it! We at PottersHeart have had an interesting nine months. In February of this year in obedience to Father, John & I left Potterspury for pastures new. We were firmly directed to a West Dorset town called Beaminster. We didn’t know Dorset at all and had never heard of Beaminster........ tricky in our mature years to completely start again! We were very sad leaving Potterspury where we had been happy for five years. It will always have special memories being the birth place of PottersHeart. However, much to our disappointment and sadness the group there didn’t want to carry on once we had left. Nothing can underesti

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