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Here at PottersHeart we are struggling…..just being honest!

We were so thankful to have at last raised enough money to drill a borehole, have the necessary electrics done, buy a pump, build a little block house to contain the electrics, and give the person who will look after the distribution of water a home to live in.

We were thankful on so many counts, but most importantly because this community is desperate for water, never mind CLEAN water! When the annual droughts come they starve….. simple as that. It is currently miles to walk for water, then it is limited to how much is available, how much you can carry and how much you can afford to buy. The water is collected and carried by the Mums, and for most of them it means carrying a baby as well. I can’t even pick up one of the containers, never mind put it on my back and walk miles in the heat.

For any of the families that have saved and saved over years to buy some chickens, goats or a cow…. It is doubly heartbreaking as they have to watch their livestock die through lack of water.

For all of this community their only means of eating and of making a few Kenyan shillings each week is by what they can grow…….. needless to say when the drought comes it is impossible to carry enough water to irrigate the crops.

I think you can imagine our heavy hearts when we learned this week that the 250 metres we had drilled down (as instructed by a geologist) was not far enough. A second geologist has told us we need to drill down a further 100 metres, and that this will give much water for many generations to come. Of course there is a cost, a further £1600.00 is needed.

We are so near to alleviating the suffering of this community please can you help us to get this £1600.00 quickly. Any amount no matter how small or big will help, just press the donate button on our website

The look on this Mum’s face the day we first struck water in this community says it all. Now one year later she is still waiting to be able to draw water on her doorstep.

Blessings and a big thank you from the PottersHeart Team. X

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