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The big difference a bag of maize can make.

We recently, thanks to all who donated, were able to send £1000 to villages in Kenya, to buy bags of maize and beans. There they now have the coronavirus, but they don’t have intensive care beds, or ventilators, or even the money to buy paracetamol. During this time of lockdown their lives are even more difficult, no money and no food. Never mind dying of the virus, they are in real danger of dying from starvation. In Kamungei, one of the villages where we teach, people are already malnourished, especially the elderly and the children. Jackson aged 85 and his wife Susan 79, said that they didn’t have words to tell us how thankful they are for the food. Today we are sending another £1000, a

Still giving in times of difficulty?

Many people are doing just that, giving when it hurts to give, when you are not sure of your own future and income levels, but still giving. I believe that huge blessing comes with this sacrificial giving, it’s easy to give when it doesn’t hurt, doesn’t really impact our lives. As Christians many of us grow up giving, as children we are taught to put coins in the collection, we buy a poppy on Remembrance Day, text money to Children in Need, and so much more…….. and yet if we look back we rarely give until it hurts. We rationalise this by saying we are being responsible, good stewards of our money…….. I believe this time of isolation is a great time to reflect on this. We have so much stuff,

What's Essential to You?

Hi folks sorry I haven’t written since we got back from Kenya. We arrived back into Heathrow to find a very strange scene…… an almost empty airport! Never the less we decided to go into self isolation for seven days just because we had been exposed to lots of people on an aeroplane…….. little did we know that nearly four weeks later we would still be in isolation. We found ourselves at least 2 hours away from family, over 70 years old and asthmatic. Bit of a challenge, as we had been away for nearly three weeks the cupboard was bare! Not even a dried up piece of cheese in the fridge. We tried to do our first ever supermarket shop on line, easy to shop, not easy to get a slot. We reached the

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