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We found treasure at David’s Tent

We are so excited in response to our urgent appeal we have now raised the £1600.00 needed to drill the extra 100 metres!!! God is so amazing that we raised exactly £1600….. He knows our immediate needs. We have let them know in Kenya that the drillers can be called back in……. life giving water is so near!

Over the weekend at David’s Tent the PottersHeart stand was brilliant, we had hundreds of encouraging, enlightening, passionate conversations, and we made a load of beautiful new friends. Lots of people took away a photo of the proposed Youth/Adult Training/Community Centre and pledged to pray over the plans……. we know that what God orders He resources. It seems like yesterday when I woke up with a download from Father as to the exact specifications for the Centre, every measurement, and an instruction to plant the garden first. The garden will be a place of rest, refuge and restoration, it will bear much fruit in both senses of the word. This centre will bring hope and purpose to this community and much further afield, there will be education and training for those who never thought it would happen for them…….. in other words it will bring transformation and an explosive release of potential.

Now that there is water we can build, we plan to start with the huge training room across the front of the building………… To build this first section we need to raise £50,000.00…….can you help us? in exchange at sometime in the future when the guest/team ensuite rooms are built you can come and have a wonderful rest and retreat. All you need to do is make sure we have your email address so that we can keep in touch.To find our donate button go to

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