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Over whelming poverty

I’ve been pondering on our work last week in the village of Kamng’ei. We knew life was tough there, and sadly we are used to seeing poverty but this is on another level. When we arrived the students eyes were hopeless, worn down and worn out. Many haven’t even got any land, they have to walk over 2 kilometres to get water. Each family needs at least 8 x 20 litre Jerry cans a day, that’s 40 Kenyan Shillings which not everyone has. There are many children, and a lot are malnourished, and some have kwashiorkor (wet malnutrition). One little one was so malnourished she didn’t have the strength to cry….. it’s heart breaking. We had a lovely young man called Robert in the training, he has glaucoma…… already blind in one eye. He needs eye drops for the rest of his life but to him there is no way to achieve this, so he will lose his sight. We met his beautiful wife and their new baby Sam, the baby was dedicated in church on Sunday. (See photo below)

When we had finished a Community Liebust and two days of training, a fragile hope had returned to them, armed with new ideas for farming, basic health and hygiene teaching, and much needed teaching on relationships and family planning, this little band of 20 students are determined to make a difference in this place. They too have decided to form a PottersHeart Kamng’ei Community Teaching Team, knowing that we will commit to at least five visits to continue the teaching them.

Yesterday an 8 month old baby died on arrival to the hospital from simple diarrhoea and for the want of rehydration. Life is so tough. Please stand with us in being able to teach, train, and release potential in these people. We hope you will pray with us. X

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