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God given blueprint!

Do you ever look back just to see how far forward you have come, how much has been achieved! Our journey in Kenya started about seven years ago, when I was working for the charity Links International. In the seven years infant mortality has dropped significantly, and the adults are living longer. The latest WHO data published in 2018 shows male life expectancy to be 66.7 and female life expectancy is 68.9. Which is pretty good when you consider that not even a decade ago life expectancy was about 50 years.

This data makes me happy but not complacent its still not good enough…….. and then we go into a new village, somewhere right off the beaten track and there we are back seven years and further. Babies dying from simple diarrhoea, people believing that rain drops on you cause malaria, also believing that new born babies should have their uvula cut out to stop them choking, and so much more.

How can we not keep on teaching, training up local people who will cascade the teaching right round the villages.

A few years ago I woke up with a download from Father God, a fully worked out plan for a Youth & Adult Training/Community Centre. To be honest I thought no Father you must be joking we are too small a charity to think of this……… His answer was, with me nothing is impossible. At that point all we had was a rough drawing that John, my husband, had done the next morning.

Where are we now:

We have a plot of land, a newly drilled bore hole, a newly dug pit latrine, and a block built house for the pump and electrics. This house will also give a home to the person who mans the borehole.

We desperately need to get on with the building, the only way forward for these beautiful folk is education, training, a way to release their amazing potential. We are building this because there currently is NO OTHER provision……… education for youth and adults is a distant dream. The Kenyan government is bringing in requirement for all the Pastors to have a qualification, at present they have no way, no hope of this happening….. help us to provide that way for them in this Centre.

The young people who dream of thriving not just surviving currently have no hope of qualifying for anything. I find myself imagining how I would have felt if that had been my children or grandchildren. Help us give them a place for quality free education in this Centre.

We are just the small kids on the block, fund raising is hard even for the big guys with all their promotional materials and marketing departments. I sometimes feel like I’m always asking people for money, I don’t like feeling that way, but I can’t leave it, this centre was ordered by Father and it needs to bless many lives for generations to come.

Can you help us, any donations will go straight into building materials, no giving is too big or too small. Even the cost of a coffee and cake will help!

Thank you to all who have supported us so far on the journey

To donate click the Donate button

Thank you

Love Linden x

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