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Tickets bought for our next trip to Kenya

It’s always an exciting moment when the next set of tickets are bought and the arranging begins. We fly to Nairobi on the 19th October and return on the 6th November. This trip will have a slightly different emphasis as we continue the training and transitioning process for our successors Jackie and John Goble. It will still be a packed and busy two weeks teaching and training in the villages, but this time we have added four days on at the end so that Jackie & John get to know Paul & Jonah more, they are the brothers whom we partner with in Kenya. Paul & Jonah are born and bred in the village of Miti Mingi, their Dad was a Pastor, and they have followed in his footsteps. Even though the going is tough for them, and their families, they both have ‘Community Development’ stamped through them like a stick of rock! They are passionate about seeing the people begin to thrive, to see their potential released, to see them being able to come up with brilliant solutions for a better future. You can see why we love them, and why we work so well together.

Things are changing in Kenya, but out in these very rural areas the poverty is still horrific, people hungry and thirsty, with little or no education…….. it needs to change now. No one should be hungry or thirsty, or denied the right to access education based on poverty. Sometimes it does feel overwhelming but then we remember the starfish story……… the boy in the story just kept picking one up from the thousands stranded on the shore and throwing them back in the sea. He couldn’t change the circumstances for them all but the ones he could help he did. Thats what PottersHeart is committed to doing, if we can help we will!

Thats what so many of you are doing to when you support us in pray and financially. We are so grateful to have raised the extra £1600 to drill the last 100 metres for the borehole… we couldn’t have done that without you……. thank you so much xx

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