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The tarmac road brings hope for a better future.

When we acquired the plot of land on which to drill a bore hole, and build a Youth & Adult Training Centre, there was not a road in sight! Access was via a red mud track, dusty in the drought and often impassable for vehicles in the rains. And yet this plot, at the crossroads of four mud tracks, felt right. It is accessible in all weathers to hundreds of people whose only vehicle is their feet, and we thought that is what matters. We always knew that getting building materials to the site would be difficult, but we believe that nothing is impossible!

Things don't happen quickly in Africa, frustrating but true! Bear in mind that this plot is way out of the village and the tarmac road is not even done in the village. The picture below is a miracle.......... the road is being done as we speak right beside the plot. Thank you Lord. x

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