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Bringing Hope, Transforming Lives.....One Village at a Time

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Our Mission

PottersHeart is an Adult Education Charity working in some of the poorest communities in rural Kenya. In villages way off the end of the tarmac road. With villagers who have little or no education....who are struggling to survive and feed their families every day.

All of the money we raise goes towards our projects in Kenya.               Our volunteers, from the UK and in Kenya, provide often quite basic education in health, nutrition, farming and business skills to enable the village families to work their way out of poverty.

Since 2015 we have seen lives changed. Families restored.
Hope that once was dead and buried come back to life. 

We believe that education is the key that unlocks their futures.....
and we want to do more.....

For three years we felt that the way forward was to build a Training Centre in the middle of this area, a place where youth and adults could receive free education and training. A great deal of time and effort has gone into bringing this plan to fruition....... but sadly at this point in time it is not to be. We know that the plans we have had drawn up will rise from the ground one day, somewhere in Africa, its all about the right time and place. Instead we have been clearly shown that we should continue and enlarge the teaching and training we have been doing in the villages.

In one of our recent trips we were particularly touched by the plight of the teenagers and young adults. In one teaching group we met Peris, she has longed to be a teacher since she was a little girl. Being one of 15 children she struggled to be able to go to school, her parents simply could not afford to send her. Somehow, now aged 20 she has managed to scrabble her way through school, and gain the necessary qualifications to go to a Teacher Training College. She has spent the last six months trying to get the money together to fund just the first term of college, despite her best efforts the money is still not there. All she needs is £40 per month, but to her it is a huge mountain. What I loved about her is that she won't give up, and we realised that at PottersHeart we could help Peris and many more like her to achieve their dreams. Either by providing a bursary for the education, or by pump priming her in a business to help her find her own funding.
The teaching and training that we are doing in the villages is saving lives, releasing potential, giving hope where there was none. We would love you to follow our stories.


To see communities tranformed by:


  • Enabling the self development of people by training, teaching, equipping and empowering           

  • To offer a safe environment for everyone regardless of race, faith or nationality               

  • To work in developing countries as invited - starting in Kenya                                                   

  • To raise funds to buy land and build a training and retreat facility                                                     

  • To work in communities in UK connecting them with communties in the developing world.



Ukraine - how are we standing with them?Like all of you, here at PottersHeart we are heart broken. How can we help ...
we pray and
 stand in faith with the people of Ukraine, prayer is powerful, our most powerful tool. We also give, thank you to all who have enabled us to do that. If you feel moved to help us 
donate more, please go to:
and press the big donate button.

For the people of Ukraine their
new day will dawn

Linden (Founder PottersHeart)


When potential is released, communities thrive!

Loving, teaching and training, bring life and hope which help to alleviate poverty.



Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms.

1 Peter 4-10



"My heart is to see my people have hope, find their own solutions to help them stay alive and do well. PottersHeart brings hope and solutions by teaching and training us. Thank you and please keep coming back."    

                                                                   Jonah, Miti Mingi, Kenya

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