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Breakthroughs and barriers!

As we draw to a close on this nearly three week trip I find myself reflecting on so many things, and so many emotions.

It has been glorious but difficult, breakthroughs and barriers……. a normal trip but on steroids!

The team have been brilliant, each one tirelessly giving out day after day. They have each flown high in their own way, and what a load of laughs we’ve had.

We have had two major hurdles to negotiate, the first being the Kenyan Power Company, who in their wisdom decided to up the quote for getting power to the bore hole by five times! This is a huge battle to fight, and we have left Paul & Jonah to try and find a way round it, very frustrating.

The second major hurdle came when we realised that Father was speaking to us about shifting our emphasis from building The Training Centre to concentrating on developing communities one by one through teaching

and training. Father reminded us that His timing and our timing are often not the same. We don’t know where or when the Training Centre will be built, we await His instructions!

The land that we had to build on will still in time serve that local Community with precious water.

Now for the really glorious bit….. the teaching….. in the three separate communities we taught, we saw major breakthrough. Lots of light bulb moments about the myth that you own your wife and can do what you like with her, including beating and raping. We also had big breakthrough with dispelling the belief that parents shouldn’t speak to their children or teenagers about relationships, sex, family planning, their dreams or future. This belief has, and is causing so many problems, the teenagers are lost and without hope.

This time we taught a lot of teenagers, and saw how much we need to help this group. Part of our future fund raising will go on providing bursaries for teenagers we meet who have no hope of any kind of further education. At the moment the girls work in the fields, helping their Mothers, and helping to collect water, firewood and cook. They don’t have any money not even to buy sanitary pads, and we did a lot of teaching on making reusable pads. At heart they are no different to our teenagers, they want to go to college or university, or train to do something which will get them work. The boys do a lot of sitting around, many getting into trouble drinking home brew or smoking home grown drugs. These teenagers are the future of Kenya, what is happening to them is unjust, they are not lazy but they can’t see a way out.

Where we can help we will.

Linden x

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