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Season of Change

Its been so long since I wrote my last blog I’ve nearly forgotten how to do it! We at PottersHeart have had an interesting nine months. In February of this year in obedience to Father, John & I left Potterspury for pastures new. We were firmly directed to a West Dorset town called Beaminster. We didn’t know Dorset at all and had never heard of Beaminster........ tricky in our mature years to completely start again!

We were very sad leaving Potterspury where we had been happy for five years. It will always have special memories being the birth place of PottersHeart. However, much to our disappointment and sadness the group there didn’t want to carry on once we had left. Nothing can underestimate the amazing things that were achieved there in four years, many local community benefits and brilliant fund raising for PottersHeart Kenya Projects. It was during that time that we managed to get the plot of land in MitiMingi and drill the borehole on the plot............ so big, big thank you to many beautiful people in Potterspury. Those who donated in so many ways be assured the work will carry on!

During this time period John and Jackie Goble have come on board, we are so enjoying getting to know them, and we are very excited to be working towards succession planning....... more of this in another blog.

Just after we moved here I had to have a tooth extracted........ so what you might say! Apparently all my top teeth have grown into my sinus cavity and any extraction is complicated. It couldn’t be done on the NHS and so suddenly we were facing several thousand pounds worth of dental work....... then came the bomb shell that the extraction had left a hole between my mouth and nose and flying anywhere was not an option! With a very heavy heart we postponed the May trip to Kenya.

However we have faithfully carried on fundraising with PottersHeart Nettleham, Bognor Regis and Birmingham still very active. Last week we sent enough money for a house to be built on the plot of land. This will house the pump and electricity for the borehole, and will enable the person who looks after the water distribution to live in the house...... watch this space for some photos.

Following a time of prayer ministry I am believing that my mouth situation is healed and we are planning the next team trip for October this year. We will have a stand at David’s Tent at Wiston, West Sussex, late August bank holiday....... hope you can come and see us.

In the meantime life continues to be a struggle for our brilliant partners in Kenya, but still there are many happy stories of transformation in the villages. We will build the Youth and Adult Training Centre on the plot of land, and we are believing that what Father orders will be resourced!

Romans 8:37 But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.

Love and blessings

Linden x

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