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Change takes courage

How I love spending time with the ladies in Miti Mingi. They have very low self esteem, some have had no education, and yet they long to learn. Today we have talked about English, family planning, parenting and marriage….. so many revelations and myths to dispel. I can’t forget how hard they work before they get to the teaching, fetching water and firewood to cook on. It is such a blessing for them to eat a good hot lunch provided by PottersHeart. Today we shared our custard creams and pear drops from UK.

Once again we are humbled by the lack of things we take for granted, including standard medical care and medications. This week I met a young women who has four young children, her husband beats her, he is unfaithful and has passed on disease to her. She had no money to buy the medicine to cure the disease, and she is pregnant again. She loves God and knows that He is faithful to her!!!

Lesley and David had a lovely time with the Pastors, they are lapping up the Training….. don’t want to stop at home time!

John has continued teaching plumbing to the young men, and done a ‘Man to Man’ session. These young guys so need to find a job, they are so hard to find……

Back home to the hotel, a long shower to wash off the sweat and the dust…… what’s next ah yes a nice large red wine!!!!

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