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PottersHeart Pastors Training launched.

Such an exciting day…….a group of Pastors started the first module of a training course for Pastors. Most of these guys have had no training of this sort at all. They work hard in small village churches, too poor to pay them any living……. so they all scratch an existence with farming. This training will be such a blessing to them, especially as the Kenyan Government is moving towards compulsory training for Pastors. We are thankful to David & Lesley Illingworth who are teaching them this week.

Marion & I have also had a great day! Another first…… we are training all this week with village ladies and no interpreter! Which means no men around. This is so encouraging for the ladies, helping to give them a voice and raise their self esteem. Today we did family planning, well half of it!!! We will finish the rest tomorrow, we just let it run, laughing and sharing together.

John has enjoyed teaching three young men plumbing, he has been doing theory with them all day. Some practical tomorrow! The wooden steps in the church are completely broken so one day this week he will teach them how to make a set of steps…… where is Brian when you need him?

The weather has been joto sana (very hot) today, now at 17.41 we are back at Top Cliff all ready for a shower!!! The dust is unbelievable.

I’ve just heard today that the borehole quote has gone up to £13,400!! I am not disheartened, we have had three donations into the bank over the last three days…… whoever you three are thankyou with all my heart. Every little or big bit helps.

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