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Kingdom Culture v Country Culture

Wow what a day teaching in the village of Olrongai. We were able to explore together the rights and wrongs of cutting the uvula out of a new born babies throat……. this is what tradition ‘Country Culture ‘ demands. It is carried out, for a payment, by some old men in the village……. babies suffer and some die. Teaching saves lives!

Another tradition is for pregnant Mums to eat lumps of mud, they believe this is how they will get the iron they need. We talked a lot today about spinach!!!! Much safer and nicer than mud.

The Group have had great success with the Moringa Trees, bought by PottersHeart. Their challenge now is to give some of these miracle, life saving seeds to every house in the village. Every part of the tree is nutrious….. one leaf has six times more vitamin C than an orange. Rahab was telling us “My tree is now taller than me, I am making tea with the leaves. My blood pressure is lower and I feel very happy.”

At the moment there is drought and many in the village are very hungry… thank you to the beautiful lady whose donation allowed PottersHeart to feed every student a delicious hot meal.

love Linden x

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