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The adventure so far

On our way to the airport came the dreaded text ‘Your flight has been cancelled and will not leave Heathrow until tomorrow ‘. We carried onto the airport to meet up with other team members, and were greeted with an enormous queue of people needing to be in Kenya like NOW! Three hours later we were installed in a very nice room in The Hilton Hotel curtesy of Kenyan Airways, Plus meal vouchers…… apart from letting people down I was quite excited!! The Hilton is not our norm!!!

The flight was very full but uneventful, I watched a lovely film called Maudie, a true story….. loved it. Because of the flight change we arrived in Nairobi at 21.16, too late to safely travel the 4 hours to Nakuru.

Our local friends had thoughtfully booked us into a B&B, by this time it was about 23.00, not the time of night to be driving round in Nairobi. If I say that the drive to the B&B was interesting….. I’ll leave it at that!!!! We arrived and were ushered in through huge locked gates, oh dear I was beginning to feel rather anxious, especially having two new team members with us. Then out came a friendly face that we knew from years back……. we were being looked after!!!

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

love Linden x

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