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Ending the week in Olrongai....with FOOTBALL!!!

Hard working women....whatever their age

At 65 she's still working the land..

Oh boy do the women have to be strong! They are the ones who work in the fields, bare the children, usually at least six.....look after the children...even in the fields, collect the water (which takes hours!).....find fire wood, clean and cook....

Julia & her grand daughter Julia...still wanting to learn
Timothy....a Thinking Man

The men are busy looking after the one cow......or sometimes they don't have a cow!!

If you ask a man what does he do he will tell you "I think".

It sounds like we don't rate the men here....but actually we love these guys and they want to learn a different way.

It was so good to have the young men at the teaching, and one of them volunteered for the CHC team.

They are the future of Olrongai, some of them have been to school, but for all of them there is no immediate prospect of paid employment...... their only hope of making money is to 'hustle' a bit of this and a bit of that! In UK the posh team for that is 'portfolio working'!!

"Linden ni rafiki yangu Beatrice"

Gifts from our friends....our rafiki

The people are our rafiki (friends) and they love getting their PottersHeart certificate and we love giving them! We were so touched when this generous hearted group gave us what they called their certificate to us, beautiful scarves and bracelets for the men.

Paul & his gift from the students


We can't wait to go back again and hear of the progress, especially as the students now include people for three churches, the sphere of influence is growing.

Olrongai Class of February 2017

We will be back there for church on Sunday, it will be a pleasure to preach there. Watch this space.


Football Results - 4:3 on penalties to the Miti Mingi Tigers

Well the football match yesterday afternoon between the Miti Mingi Tigers and the Olrongai Stars was a great success. The training, and coaching, with the young men in both teams was well received....and clearly developed their skills on the football field.

Before the match pictures....

Miti Mingi Tigers
Olrongai Stars

The deciding penalty.....

A penalty to decide...

John's Post Match Report... proud coach and referee...

" I'd like to say a big thank you to CleanSlate for the football kit, and & to Rosita & Geff for the footballs. It was a very evenly contested first match between the two villages. A scorching hot day, on a dusty, bumpy pitch...full of thrills and spills..... There were 2 happy teams, full of young men whose lives are not easy....having fun playing a game they love. "

The Miti Mingi Tigers recieve the closely contested trophy...

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