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Holy Spirit breaks in...on a Tuesday!!

Tuesday....What a day! One of the young men on the training, formerly a Muslim, suddenly got revelation as he listened to the teaching!! He asked to pray and invited Jesus into his life.... he was beaming from ear to ear as we prayed with him.

Training for where there are NO doctors...

Marion teaching on Stress Management

We were teaching on stress management today when the Holy Spirit broke in. As a result many students were freed from the heavy burden of unforgiveness. We were so moved....such beautiful people.


We are beginning to see the formation of a new Voluntary Community Health Care team, still a lot to learn, but we had such fun today when they did a song and a drama showing us how they will pass on their knowledge to the local community........ they too will save a lot of lives.

Handing over 'Where there is no doctor' to the new CHC Team
Presenting teaching drama
Silly boys! Having a water fight!!

PottersHeart teaching is having an effect!

A good cooked meal for the students

We always make sure that a hot lunch is cooked for all the students during our stay. They always like to follow it with a soda as a treat..... BUT...following our teaching on diabetes, the last time we were here, they now have bottled water!!

It's a small change, but really significant here.


Bill's one man show!!

Bill and his guitar have once again been a big hit, today he played a fast tempo song and the room erupted in dancing and clapping, it doesn't seem to matter that they can't understand the words.


Bill also did a brilliant job teaching the boys some carpentry. They absolutely loved it. And we have been able to leave a lovely big box of tools for them to use after we've gone.

Bill teaches carpentry

A good skill to have
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