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PottersHeart teaching impacting lives!

Miti Mingi Football teaching completed

We've had exciting news on the football team....especially as the conversations weren't all about football!. There was 100% attendance at every session....and all of the young men received a PottersHeart certificate.

John and Darren did a brilliant job connecting with them. They talked about everything from relationships to Business Development..... to dreams and aspirations.

Miro Minho Tigers

They also had a training session for two hours on the bumpy, dusty pitch. Darren ran his legs off!

The team so appreciated the footballs which we were able to leave them. And the CleanSlate kit from last time still looks good!

This is the beginning of making a difference in the lives of fifteen young men...... watch this space!!

Certificate time!

Certificates all round...

The Business Development sessions with the other students have been brilliant!

There's been some really hard learning for them .....and some tough love. But here are 20 people absolutely determined to get their families out of poverty!

Tall Paul's Double Storey Home

Farming teaching success story....

Today we went to see one of the students at his home. Tall Paul lives in Gathima, a village about 40 minutes drive further into the bush than Miti Mingi. It's all hilly, bumpy, mud road.... only accessible by a vehicle in the good weather.

Tall Paul has achieved so much in the time we have been teaching him. He now has four goats, one cow, 30 chickens and a donkey. He is now able to send three of his six children to school.

His land is very steep, and hard work to cultivate, how they do it I don't know.

Tall Pauls goats

Villagers getting water

This morning before we met Tall Paul in Miti Mingi, he had already walked the 5 miles with his donkey to get water.

Then he walked to the top of the escarpment to get fodder for the cow....and then he walked to Miti Mingi to meet us!

Darren finally holds a chicken!!

We were made so welcome in his home and left with a live chicken tucked under our arm and some fresh eggs. This is so generous when chickens are his ticket to a better income, and getting out of poverty.

We then went to see his Mum and Dad and left with another live chicken! Which John & Darren were far to scared to pick up! Marion did it!


What a beautiful home...

We also went to see a lovely lady called Violet, who thinks she might be 95!! That's a very good age for Kenya.

Her mud hut was beautifully decorated with very old pages from an English newspaper. And across the room was a string supporting decorated gourds.

We felt humbled to be in her home. It was spotless! The mud floor was swept so clean.

Lizzy teaching

Potential for agricultural training

We are again realising that finding ways to maximise the yield from the land is essential.

Today Lizzy (who is from 'farming stock' in the UK) has been to visit a bigger farm in a different district. This farm is very successful and the plan is to pick their brains for ideas!

It also made us realise that another course we need to offer at the PottersHeart Training School is agriculture!

Bill teaching Stephen

...The star again

Bill was a hit yet again today with his guitar playing and singing.

Where ever he sits and sings people really love it....whatever their ages.

I honestly think they could listen to him all day!

Well that's all for now. It's been very hot here today, and now we are all ready for a shower and a sit down!

Hopefully more tomorrow!

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