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Back in Kenya...the Land we LOVE!!

Back in Kenya…the land we love! It’s so great to see our friends again. It was such a struggle to fit all the cases, full of what people have lovingly made or donated, into the transport….but we managed it.

The hotel by African standards seems marvellous to us. There is electricity, hot water and a good shower...... well so far! The only thing missing is a regular wifi connection, but we can't have everything!

Back with friends....
How much luggage?

Yesterday we went to look at the land we are hoping to buy. I fell in love with it. It’s so peaceful….right next to the big wire fence, beyond which is the national park. We are planning to buy two of the plots which are for sale; £9000.00 worth. It's amazing to know that with your we are really going to be able to do this...thank you so much!

There are about 20 plots in all in this space. I would love to buy them all! Just imagine a big training centre, retreat, sports pitches, gardens..... I am dreaming big there but we believe in God and with Him nothing....absolutely impossible!

The 'P-Team'

The team are delightful and it is a pleasure to have every one of them out here with us.

Lizzy, Bill, Darren, Janet, Marion & John....


Today we spent the day teaching in Miti Mingi….just beautiful. I love this village and its people. To get us up to speed quickly, we had a feedback session, updating us on progress since our last visit. We were blown away by the progress of the small poultry businesses set up the last time we were here.

Paul said, "I started with the 5 chickens, I now have 25 chickens. I can start to sell the eggs and this makes such a difference to my family. When I reach 100 chickens there will be enough eggs to sell to make it a living wage. And I can now see that this will happen. Thank you PottersHeart for your teaching. It has changed our life."

A Smiling Paul
Chicken Success Story
More 'accommodation' for more chickens...


John, Bill, and Darren spent the day with the Miti Mingi Tigers, the village football team. They were able to talk about football and do some coaching on tactics. But they were also able to teach on ‘man to man’ topics. Subjects no one has ever discussed with these young men...... and they are coming back tomorrow for some more!!

Talking Football!

Bill was also able to do some teaching with the local church choir. They really loved it! He played his guitar and sang them a beautiful love song…and they sang to him. Tomorrow is lesson 2!!

Tomorrow Janet and Marion will be teaching.

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