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What a Difference a Tool Makes!

When we first met John he was knocking wooden furniture with a lump of wood and a broken chisel. Struggling to make enough money to support his young family. Selling what he made - basic stools, tables, beds - for what little he could in the local village.

Without the proper tools and woodworking knowledge, this was the best he could do.

It was heart breaking to see the waste of potential. He was bright, enthusiastic and hard working… but just not able to improve his situation.

The following trip we were able to take him a small kit of reconditioned hand tools - the sort of thing you might find at a car boot sale. A hammer, mallet, drill, screw driver, chisel… a plane. Traditional steel hand tools.

John was overjoyed. Quite visibly moved. Seeing what the plane could do it brought tears to his eyes!

With some basic training on how to use the tools, and make some quite basic joints, a whole new world was opened up to John.

He now makes furniture that he can sell for a higher price in Nakuru. Furniture that not only competes but is actually better than the vendors who were there before him.

Squarer. With stronger, neater joints. Screwed together rather than nailed. And with that plane…a whole lot smoother!

John’s life, and that of his family, has been radically transformed. He now has hope for a better future….And all for the sake of a few hours training and a box of old tools!

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