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Battling Through Adversity...

Meet Kenneth. Sadly, he is not unusual for the people we meet in Kenya. He’s seen a huge amount of tragedy in his life, even at 43. In the time we’ve known him he has already lost a son and buried his brother

His wife recently gave birth to a baby girl…but they live apart. Also depending on him are his mentally retarded mother and two sisters; one a mental patient and the other ailing

He lives in a settlement, and does own some land. But as the victim of a brutal machete attack during the post election violence of 2007…. Kenneths' hands have been severely weakened. That’s tough…especially when you are depending on working that land for your survival!

Kenneths' life has been transformed by our training. He can now see how his land can be farmed for profit. How, with just a little help he can turn subsistence farming into a thriving business.

Today he has hope for a better future. Really important with so many people dependent on him for their survival!

We love Kenneth. His determination in the face of adversity is quite stunning. No matter what happens he makes sure he gets to the training. Even if that means burying a family member first! Such is his desire for a better life for his family.

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